Q. Is my furniture worth re-upholstering?

A. In most cases it will be. If it has a good solid wood frame, is sturdy, has lasted for 10 years or more and is comfortable, then re-upholstery is a good choice


.Q. Isn't it cheaper to buy new furniture?

A. You get what you pay for! Re-upholstery can cost as much as moderately priced new furniture. When comparing make sure they are of similar quality and that the fabric is of a comparable quality. It is doubtful that you will find a new piece of similar quality to your old piece and if you do, the cost would be far greater than re-upholstering. Beware of cheap new furniture. It is cheap because the fabric and the construction is cheap. Within a very short time you may well regret buying cheap furniture.


Q. Can I supply my own fabric?

A. I will work with your fabric. However I charge a cutting fee of $2.00 per yard in addition to my labor fee. I also cannot be responsible for the condition or quality of your fabric. I take the utmost care to provide you with the best possible results with the fabric that you provide.


Q. Do you supply fabric?

A. Yes. we have a good range of samples from leading fabric houses. All fabric supplied is guaranteed.


Q.What fabric should I look for?

A. Depends on your needs. If you have heavy traffic on your furniture then a good quality fabric that is durable, will wear well and last. Cotton will not wear well in heavy traffic applications. There is no right or wrong way in looking for fabric. It's all about personal choice. Do you prefer patterns? What colors make you happy? What textures feel right to you? On the practical side; how durable do you need the fabric to be? On the maintenance side; how cleanable is the fabric? Does it show up dirt and lint or stains? Mid tone fabrics with patterns show dirt less than a light coloured fabric. Dark colours will show dust and lint more easily, while solid fabric with no texture will show stains more easily. Ultimately the choice is yours. You must live with your choice. I will happily assist and advise you on choosing the fabric that meet your needs.


Q. What is Railroaded fabric?

A. Conventional upholstery fabric has the pattern going up the fabric roll. In other words, it runs on the length of the fabric, not the width. Railroaded fabric has the pattern running on the width, that is sideways up the roll.


Q. How much fabric do I need?

A.Does the fabric have a pattern repeat? Does the finished piece have deep buttoning? How will the fabric run - railroad or straight up? Is the fabric from the same dye lot and if not, will the color of the fabric be acceptable and consistent? These are some of the questions that an upholsterer has to take into account when determining the quantity of fabric. To measure for a dining seat, is easy. To measure for a lounge suite with the least possible waste of fabric, takes skill and experience.


Q. Do you strip the furniture before you recover?

A. Absolutely. we strip the furniture to the frame. All woodwork, springs, fillings, webbing and padding are thoroughly checked before I begin the re-upholstery process.


Q. If you find broken framework do you repair it?

A. Yes I do. It's important to have an structurally sound frame. Not only does it support the inner parts of a sofa but it also supports the person sitting on it. I inspect the frame carefully and inform the customer of any damage that would need to be repaired.


Q. Do you pick up and deliver? A. I would prefer that you deliver your furniture. It will help keep your cost down. If this is impossible I will make arrangements to have your furniture picked up and delivered at an additional cost.


Q: Can I use my own material?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to provide your own material. There are many fabric stores in the South florida area to choose from, or you can visit our showroom.

Q: Can you change the overall style of my piece?

A: Of course! Spice up your furniture by changing the legs, adding or removing tufting or channels, changing the cushions, and so much more! Call and speak to one of us and let’s see what we can do for you. We love creativity!

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Yes. We can build custom headboards, cornices, ottomans, benches and more! Have an idea? Contact us and let’s make it a reality!

Q: Do you upholster outdoor furniture?

A: Yes. ­­­

Q: Do you offer boat upholstery?

A: We do, and we also offer a wide variety of marine grade vinyls in many colors and textures.

Q: What about auto upholstery?

A: We do offer auto upholstery. Call or come in for a free quote. 

Q: Is the work done in my home?

A: No. We perform all work here at our workroom. We have a full service shop, and you’re welcome to stop in anytime to check on the status of your furniture.

Q: Can you match my existing material?

A: In most cases, we can get very close to the color, pattern or texture of your original fabric. Other times it is simply not possible. Let us take a look!

Q: Do you offer cleaning services?

A: No, but we will be happy to make referrals.

Q: Can you make a slipcover for my piece?

A: No, unfortunately we don't do slip covers.

Q: Do you work with leather?

A: Absolutely. We also offer several other leather alternatives, such as faux leathers, recycled leathers, and vinyl.

Q: Do you refinish furniture?

A: Yes, we offer furniture refinishing service.

Q: What is the average turnaround time for upholstery?

A:The average turn around time is two to three weeks on large items like sofas, if its a smaller job it could be completed withing a week or so.

Q: How do I go about getting an estimate?

A: Give us a call, and we will be happy to come to you, at no cost! You can also stop by our showroom anytime during normal business hours. Or feel free to email us pictures of your furniture and we can give you a quote online.