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Commercial Upholstery 

Custom Upholstery is happy to offer our commercial upholstery services to any type of business.


Fashion often comes and goes; but comfort and quality are always a main priority for every customer. We offer a complete range of upholstery services for different styles and sizes to meet everyone’s needs. Besides chairs, sofas, ottomans, and the basics, we also offer upholstered beds, benches, sleepers, lounges and exposed frame chairs. With your choice of more than thousands of fabrics, your styling options are infinite and you're sure to get the perfect look for your piece. Choose the fabric, personalize sizing and touch, and let the piece work perfectly for the interior and lifestyle of your business.


We are a complete range provider of furniture and fixtures to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, with services right from designing to manufacturing, installation to maintenance, and everything. Our products also includes custom table tops, booth seating, table bases and custom cabinet fixtures for bars, hotels, restaurants, casinos, night clubs and design professionals. Quality, service, and follow through are the secret keys to a lifelong and synergistic relationship with our customers.


Through the exciting flair and exceptional practical understanding for the creative— we keep on adding splash of color or new twist to keep our large range fresh and constantly evolving. Exciting trends, different textures…we are always a step ahead of the competition to make your place stand out from the others.


If you’re bored looking at the old furniture at your restaurant, bar or night club, why not simply tweak the look with the decorative upholstery furniture that truly brings in a complete luxurious look which adds an extra elegance and comfort to your business.

We work with:




*Health Care

*Country Clubs



*Commercial Facilities

*Senior Living Communities

*Night Clubs


*And Many More.



   Why to get our upholstery services?



Upholstery when done well can be very rewarding. Consider the creative satisfaction of returning a tattered cast-off to its like-new state, as well as the money saved because you didn’t have to buy new. The comfort of a favorite chair need not be sacrificed simply because of the room. Family heirlooms become more than cherished souvenirs when they are upholstered to blend with the décor of the home.


Quality upholstery cannot be achieved without the use of a few specially designed tools. We use our own designed tools combined with new and modern new machines. At Custom Upholstery your project will be easier to complete and produce more satisfactory results for you particular project. 

  • We work around the clock.
  • Good variety of materials to choose.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Indoor and outdoor upholstery.

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