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Marine Upholstery Services


Give your boat cabin a new look with marine upholstery. The main difference between the upholstery used for boats and traditional fabrics is that the materials used for seafaring voyages are tough enough to withstand a marine atmosphere without it discoloring or warping. Just like any other industry, Marine upholstery is susceptible to trends. Customers want fabrics that are priced competitively, are easy to maintain, and can withstand the challenging marine environment.

The history of Marine upholstery starts with canvas. Canvas is a heavy, thick fabric that is tightly woven, with it being applied to different aspects and parts of a boat. It makes sense why canvas has been the go-to material for marine environments – cotton canvas is a medium strength fabric that is about 20 times stronger when wet than dry. However, the thickness is also its downfall, with untreated cotton canvas fabrics being so absorbent, that it is susceptible to mildew. In the 19th century, organic and natural fibers such as insect silk and cotton became more popular, with synthetic fibers being synthesized with polymers. Since then, there have been four distinct synthetic fibers that have dominated the marine upholstery market – acrylic, nylon, polyester, and polyolefin.

Polyester and acrylic have become highly popular with yacht fabric. Significantly more durable than other natural fibers, while being waterproof and stain resistant when treated properly, boat fabrics made with synthetic fibers are consistently being utilized and improved to ensure that they are performing better in harsh living conditions.

In recent years, we have seen innovation take hold with Marine upholstery. Acrylic fibers and fabrics used for marine applications are sometimes called solution dyed acrylics. This distinction is derived from its unique manufacturing process, where the material does not begin as a colorless or neutrally hued fabric only to be dyed later. Instead, the solution used to make these acrylic fibers is green from the beginning. Coated materials like vinyl and polyester composites are also seen widespread use. These polyesters are designed with their standard color and then the desired color is applied using a coating substance. Due to this film, coated materials aren't as breathable as other acrylics, but it offers superior performance, which is needed in the harsh nautical environment.

Benefits of Marine Upholstery


One of the main advantages of marine upholstery is its longevity and durability. You do not want to utilize materials that will slowly disintegrate when exposed to saltwater and harsh sun. Marine upholstery will simply save you money due to its durability. Marine upholstery is also versatile. They can be used for furniture, cushions, and other boat furnishings.

Contact us to learn more about marine upholstery. Catering to the South Florida area, we will ensure that your boat is furnished with upholstery that will withstand the test of time.

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